DE Labs Inc.

Integrating Technology into Education
DE Labs Inc. has been incorporated in the state of Florida. Its purpose is to work in partnership with Delmar Learning to develop the Electronics Trainer Circuit Board (eTCB) system. The eTCB system provides a powerful educational solution for students to perform real world lab experiments on a campus or at a distance learning environment. Innovative and pedagogically rich the system allows students to develop industry-relevant experience, by working with real components on a printed circuit board (PCB).

Complete with configurable circuits allowing instructors to define experiment conditions, and equipped with a remote monitoring, internet based feature, the eTCB offers a solution for laboratory curriculum delivery via distance. The eTCB is the most flexible, practical and cost effective electronics laboratory environment available today.

The eTCB system consists of a series of trainer modules, each complemented by a published lab manual working in concert with the NI ELVIS workstation. The currently available AC/DC module is ready for field testing and offers all the necessary DC and AC circuits for the delivery of any electronic networks course.

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Carlo Sapijaszko
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3956 Town Center Blvd. PMB 248
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